The Ugly Dog....

Located “on the hill” in Highlands, North Carolina, one can find that Pub feel right here at The Ugly Dog. There is a noticeable difference here that offers a place where friends gather and fun commences from afternoon until the wee hours. A friendly place for taking the edge off of the long day...Music, Food, Beverage and an atmosphere that will keep you company.

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294 South Fourth Street

Highlands, North Carolina

Monday 4 - until

Tuesday - Sunday

11:30 - Until


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Ugly Dog Pub

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The Place where LIVE music Has become uniquely ugly Dog

Music Update: 
The Ugly Dog Pub
Wednesday nights bluegrass with Nitrograss

Hailing from Charleston, WV, we're very excited to have The Company Stores back at The Pub this Saturday night (7/29)! Incorporating High energy blues rock with the best of modern folk, their set takes you through a whirlwind of genres that always culminate into a dance party! The show gets kicked off at 9:30pm after the Saturday's on Pine concert series at Kelsey-Hutchinson Park! We hope you'll join us for some good friend, tasty drinks and one of the best touring bands in the region!